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Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

Politics and Religion, High School and Fanfiction!

I'm a born-again Christian (Calvinist, to be exact). I'm conservative Republican, I didn't support Obama and I still don't, I love playing music from the Civil War, I'm a nerd. Majorly.

ALSO - when it comes to Narnia fanfiction (or any fandom in particular), I must warn everyone that I DO NOT READ PEVENSINCEST, nor do I read any Male/Male, Female/Female, or Caspian/Susan. Therefore, I will not review them. If such elements are teeny tiny, small enough that they can be misinterpreted, I will ignore them and read the fic, but if you have warnings of any of the above evilness in your summary I will not even click to open it. Not reading = no reviewing.

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