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Reading List 2011

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Approximate Total Pages Read to Date:

* Denotes nonfiction.
R Denotes a recommended book. Reading List 2010

What Dreams May Come, part one

At the end of July, I watched the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers over the space of about a week.  Towards the end of that week, I began having dreams about Captain Lewis Nixon, one of the protagonists in the series.  (Coincidentally, I had several of these dreams during Vicodin-induced sleep right after my wisdom teeth extraction, which can account for some of the strange occurrences...)  Because they were so interesting and vivid, I decided to write them down for your reading pleasure.  Pure fluff and nonsense, of course.

Please note: These were actually dreams I had.  As such, you can expect incongruity and strangeness - I tried to cut out the dancing elephants and other completely nonsensical scenarios as much as possible, but.  Enjoy!

Also.  Have a Nixon picspam.

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Dream No. 1: July 24, 2010

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, golden and comfortably cool for early September. My roommate wasn't the only one to feel cabin fever; we could see from the window of our dorm people lounging about in the commons, studying and playing Frisbee. Since she had a car, though, we decided to don our Sunday best (which, in whatever universe dreams come from, meant jeans for her and a frilly skirts and high heels for me) and attend church with her great-grandparents and then stop off at the Family Fare to pick up snacks.

This is where the dream really picked up. Into Family Fare we went, and I picked up a plastic basket with which to hold our crackers and Fruit Roll-Ups. Sarah looked at me as we roamed the aisles and said,

"You know, Rachel, you sound like a horse with those shoes."

I whinnied stupidly and pointed at the soup aisle. "Campbell's, anyone?"

So we deviated from our prearranged plan and went to look at soups. For some reason, we both were excited about the idea of having warm soup to eat on cold nights, but neither of us could decide what kinds we wanted to get. Therefore, we stood there picking up cans, inspecting them, and then putting them back.

It was after some time that I noticed someone else was in the aisle with us. Glancing over, I saw a tall, thick-shouldered man dressed in the customary garb of the temporarily off-duty soldier—camouflage pants, buff-colored boots, and obligatory olive-green muscle shirt. He had been looking at one of us, I presumed, for I caught a flash of very dark eyes set in a handsome face before he quickly looked back down at the can of ravioli he was holding.

I elbowed Sarah (because in this dream universe, I apparently am totally comfortable with girl talk). She looked over and raised an eyebrow. "And?"

"Not exactly hard on the eyes, is he?"

She looked again. "Okay, then, if you like that type…"

The mysterious, dark-haired man had clearly not heard a word we said, because he continued comparing brands of ravioli, a lock of his neatly combed hair falling forward onto his forehead. I continued to look for a moment, trying to hide my invasive staring by feigning interest in a can of fermented bean sprouts (yes, they actually sell those). Eventually, though, I ripped my eyes away and returned to the business of soup-picking once more.

Not a few moments later, I got the sensation of being watched, so I glanced up. Tall Dark Stranger was looking again, but most definitely at me. I smiled rather flirtatiously. He smiled back.

Sarah cleared her throat, and I started blindly picking soup off the shelves and putting them into the basket I was holding. "What?"

"Careful," she warned, but I ignored her and—bang! A can, intended for the basket, completely missed its mark and fell to the ground, denting the aluminum and rolling away.

"Told you."

I went to chase after the rogue can, but Tall Dark Stranger reached it before I did. He didn't say a single word, but smiled subtly and handed it back.

Before I could respond, Sarah took my elbow and steered me away.

End Dream No. 1

Reading List 2010

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Approximate Total Pages Read in 2010:
* Denotes nonfiction.
R Denotes a recommended book.

Reading List 2011

Fic: Blackberry Wine

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Characters: Corin and Lucy
Words: 2000
Rating: PG-13/T+
Warnings: Corin/Lucy
Summary: Prince Corin's life is a hot summer evening; Queen Lucy is his blackberry wine.
Notes: This was written because genre and I were kind of bored and decided to give Corin/Lucy shipping a try.  Alas, now they're my new favorite ship! Pfft.  Well, enjoy!

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Cross-posted a few places, including Fanfiction.Net.
O. M. GOSH.  I just found...

Who's definitely not from Disney's 1959 version of Sleeping Beauty.

Plot Tips

Rowan Atkinson gives us good basic plot tips for any fantasy/adventure fic.  (Be prepared to die laughing...!)



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Yes, I'm pimping, and for a number of reasons.

 1. I had so much fun last year as a writer and a pinch hitter!

2. I read some really great fics.

3. I churned out a surprisingly decent one, actually - Persuaded, which some of you may know from either Fanfiction.Net, Narnia Fan Fiction Revolution, or Revolution Radio.  :)

4. I want more people involved this year because it is really so fun.

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